Trying Mindfulness Practices: 9PM Rule

Sleep is the best meditation.

-Dalai Lama

Ok, ok. So this isn’t a real “mindfulness practice,” as in I didn’t get it from some special website or guru or book – although I know it’s proven to be a good way to relax. Anyhow – in line with the healthy living goals I have for this year and the intentional ways I want to begin living life, I am implementing a “9PM rule.”

What is the “9 PM rule” I’ve craftily made up? 

For the next week or two, my goal is to shut off both my phone and computer at 9 PM and use my settle in time for evening to focus on reading, getting sleepy, taking care of myself, writing, and ensuring thorough rest. WebMD backs me up on this one. Obviously this is not a new practice and lots of people already have rules like this one for themselves. I am still trying to decide if 9 PM is the right time or if 10 PM might be better. I don’t think it’s the time that’s important here though so much as the leaving space to tune out and drop off that is necessary for good sleep and clear thinking.

That’s just a little peak into my mindfulness journey – I really am trying hard to adjust my way of living to be healthier, happier, and more energetic. Feel free to share any of your health and wellness tips, tricks, and experiments in the comments.






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