Monday Sharing: My View of Monday

My blizzard buddy on the east coast here has been Women in Clothes, a collection of surveys for women by women about their ways of presenting themselves curated by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julevits, Leanne Shapton, and Mary Mann. So for the past few days my mind has been on style and identity because so much of our identities are bound up in the way we dress and the way that our appearances make us feel – this book demonstrates that. It shows how the responses women give regarding the way they do their hair, the evolution of their way of dressing, or their admiration of other women’s clothing turn into more than mere responses and become little windows into these women’s brains, personal philosophies, and their ideas about who they want to be. Keep an eye out – I am hoping to write a more about it in future posts.

My view of this snow day has largely been from my couch, with said book. I also wrote some letters and read some other articles on the internet. So today, in line with tradition, I am sharing some articles I read this weekend while snowed in and also recommending some other media to check out. I think that there are riches out there in the vast expanse of the internet and I like to spare my readers the trouble of digging through the garbage to find them. Below are some of my favorite reads (non-web based), web articles/blogs, and podcasts for your perusal. This Monday’s sharing theme is loosely based around clothing and identity. Enjoy:

Let’s start with the inspiration for this post: Women in Clothes 

The book has it’s own website (linked above) and I’ve already given a brief synopsis. I think a valuable exercise for self discovery, and an exercise I am currently working through with a friend, is answering a series of the questions posed in the book. If you are still holed up in the remnants of blizzard tomorrow I would give it a try, you might learn something about yourself.

The Year we Imagined the End of the Closet – BUZZFEED

This article is loosely linked to clothing but is more in the realm of identity. It explores the ways in which this year celebrities, in particular, have brought attention to a “no labels mentality” pertaining to sexuality. It got me thinking a lot about why we cling to labels so much, especially in terms of sexuality. I think people cling to labels because it is sometimes hard to determine what we can define ourselves by -hobbies change, opinions shift, goals evolve, so too does sexuality. Self definition can be challenging if you are open minded because sometimes it can feel as though your perspective changes and evolves in phases. I think it can be easy to struggle with finding the pieces of yourself to ground yourself in, but your grounding may not need to be in your sexuality.

ManRepeller Podcasts – “Oh Boy” in particular

I love ManRepeller articles – and I REALLY like Leandra Medine’s new podcast, not only because the interviewer, Jay Buim, has a voice just like a dude I dated, but because each podcast features an interview with a strong lady. These interviews capture a bit of each woman’s life and in them these leading ladies talk about how they got where they are – the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of their journey – and it’s both encouraging and insightful to listen to.


That’s all for today! As for upcoming topics: I am in love with Maggie Nelson, I want to write even more about Women in Clothes, and I also have a post in the works about loss – it’s understandably challenging but important to write. Stay tuned.





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