2016 and Intention

It’s been a bit. I’ve been contemplating this blog and a lot of big life questions in the interim. Determining what you want for yourself and your life can be a huge challenge, and at 23 I have a lot of big choices to make as I build my own independent life.

Now, I do not like to make a ton of resolutions for the New Year and I try to be realistic when setting goals for myself, there’s nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure.  Instead of a big list of things I want to accomplish,  I want to set a theme for my year: intention. I want to live with intention, eat with intention, shop with intention, and read with intention. I want mindfulness, intentionality, and balance to emanate from the way I handle myself from my style to my diet to my schedule. I have chosen to begin this journey toward intentionality by focusing on re-thinking food.

In the past two weeks my diet has changed dramatically, from burgers + fries, tons of Starbucks snacks, and pizza, pizza, pizza to oatmeal with dried fruit, chia seeds, almond milk & almond butter, salads full of lemon, tomatoes, cucumber noodles, and spinach galore. I have already begun to feel the impact of these changes and I’ve really enjoyed the whole, plant based meals I’ve created – so many of them are SO easy. Plus the experience of putting together dishes for myself and really savoring them is so much more satisfying than scarfing down melty fast food.

There are so many beautiful food blogs out there. Many of these sites and stories have inspired my  evolving eating habits and have helped me re-think my relationship with my body and with the food that sustains it. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Full Helping – Rich with vegan recipes, a beautiful food philosophy, and teeming with links to more food blogs, cook book reviews, and food related articles, The Full Helping is a comfortable, inspiring blog which encourages readers to approach cooking, eating, and nutrition with balance and purpose. With enticing weekly features like “Menu Plan Monday” and “Weekend Reading” how could you go wrong? Plus the images that accompany each post are incredible.

The Colorful Kitchen – I have always believed that the more natural color there is in one meal the better it is for you. This food blogger abides by that same mantra and her dishes look like works of art. Plus look at this recipe for vegan – gluten-free root vegetable pizza…it’s just so pretty!

Minimalist Baker – The food-styling game here is SO STRONG. Look at the papaya against the stunning blue background. DAMN. If you aren’t convinced yet, I’d recommend checking out the apple cider rooibos hot toddy. Additionally, I just love the design of this blog. The formatting is lovely, as already stated, the photography is divine, and there is a simplicity and subtle sophistication to the aesthetic of this blog that keeps me scrolling.

Below are a few of my initial meals & snacks. I’ve been experimenting with roasted vegetables, using lots of brussels sprouts (both roasted and sautéed), trying sautéed fruits, oatmeal (next week I will be trying some savory recipes), cold salads, and small portions of avocado toast (gluten in moderation seems to be ok…so far!).


Part of the impetus for my new way of eating and thinking about food, is the realization that I am a little lactose intolerant and a little gluten intolerant (gluten and lactose – mainly cheese and bread used to be very large parts of my diet). Eliminating both has greatly reduced the stomach problems I was experiencing. Because plant based diets are normally void of both gluten and lactose, I’ve been using a lot of vegan recipes and many of the plant based dishes have been vegan just by virtue of being simple, clean, and veggie focused. Although I am no strict vegan, I tend to stay away from red meat and for now at least, I am even avoiding eggs (temporarily). The goal of this whole shift is to be creative, to be much more intentional about how I nourish my body, and to be much more present in all of my food choices.

As my recipe repertoire expands and I find new ways to clean eat, I will keep you updated! For now – enjoy the above blogs and be sure to share some of your favorites in the comments.

Instagram & Pinterest are also both amazing places for food porn and clean eating inspiration. Be sure to follow me!



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