Monday Sharing: Spooky Reads

It is that time of year again, maybe my favorite time of year: the time of year when gourds and pumpkins are in abundance, when people seek out elaborate costumes for their multiple Halloween spectaculars, the air smells like a camp fire, and the leaves become rainbows. It is officially autumn. That also means that spooky book lists run rampant! So below are my favorite spooky book lists so far this lovely October season to help you pick your to be read for the month. Sometimes they get a little redundant but I think we can all agree on the classics, and I’ve intentionally sought out a few lists with unexpected entries and lesser known novels.


  1. Hellogiggles has a list of books to get you ready for fall that is as delightful as a caramel apple! Truly scrumptious, this list includes the likes of Coraline, World War Z, and my personal fave, Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories. This list is a little cuter, maybe best for those individuals who prefer itty bitty scares to the real horror dare devils.
  2. An oldie but goodie is Flavorwire’s 50 Scariest Books of All Time. Want your pants scared off? Give any one of these thrilling chillers a shot.
  3. Paste Magazine offers a gruesome required reading list: 30 of the Best Horror Books. Paste blends old and new to give a sampling of gore and guts. Perfect for serious Halloween enthusiasts.
  4. Favorite Authors tell us the books that scared their pants off (a list from the Huffington Post), gives readers a glimpse into the reading lives of writers like Junot Diaz, Tana French, and Tom Perrotta.
  5. Filled with books I’d never heard of, Buzzfeed’s list of underrated horror books is just what you need to add some new volumes to the collection. This variety gives some unknowns a chance and reveals some of the scary books we’ve been overlooking.
  6. Feel like a champ when you’ve read one of these 10 Best Horror Books You’ve Never Read.

Happy Monday!




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