Last week I hit both the one year mark AND reached 100 Followers. Because both of these things make me happy, because I am thankful for followers, excited about life, and excited about my blog I wanted to share 100 things that make me happy (in addition to the aforementioned). Thanks for following! Keep up the good work (:

  1. rainy days
  2. twinkly lights
  3. living on my own
  4. books
  5. thoughtfulness
  6. thank you notes
  7. writing notes
  8. reading
  9. running
  10. moms
  11. dogs & cats
  12. movies
  13. wine
  14. feeling independant
  15. alone time
  16. people time
  17. working hard – nothing feels better than TRULY earning something
  18. flowers – scratch that, all plants
  19. poems: big thoughts in small words
  20. matching kitchen sets
  21. perfectly organized books shelves
  22. the moment when you start to feel awake, first open your eyes, and realize that today is a new day – with no mistakes in it (yet)
  23. cuddling
  24. laughing uncontrollably
  25. feeling deeply understood by another person
  26. being a single human female
  27. complex art work
  28. the stillness of an art gallery
  29. fresh starts
  30. familiar places
  31. the minute when you first start to feel at home somewhere
  32. the smell of books & freshly cut grass
  33. bouquets of flowers
  34. school supplies
  35. the first crisp day of fall
  36. the sound of typing on a keyboard
  37. long, deep conversations during which time seems to stop moving
  38. not having a tv
  39. turning off my phone all day and forgetting it exists
  40. just walking somewhere – and not knowing where I am going
  41. remembering dreams really, really well
  42. the satisfaction that comes from knowing every word to a song
  43. seeing people I love succeed
  44. herb gardens
  45. frogs
  46. dragons – the possibility of unknowable creatures
  47. celebrations
  48. endings
  49. new friends
  50. old friends
  51. sunsets
  52. sunrises
  53. being up super early – feeling like you’re the only one awake in the world
  54. the moment right before the credits in a movie
  55. first sentences in books
  56. purple things
  57. green things
  58. coffee
  59. shopping… and getting great deals
  60. old couples
  61. slippers
  62. driving fast
  63. sleeping in
  64. new music
  65. going on new adventures
  66. going on new adventures alone
  67. candlelight
  68. incense
  69. noticing details you doubt anyone else notices
  70. having nothing to do
  71. having a very full schedule
  72. getting my hair cut
  73. cake
  74. snowflakes
  75. puppy kisses
  76. magic
  77. the first time you start to feel chemistry with another person
  78. fireflies
  79. being able to see the stars at night
  80. color
  81. when everything is clean
  82. homemade gifts
  83. handwritten things/ calligraphy
  84. pillows
  85. second hand stores
  86. patterned things
  87. antiques
  88. family
  89. stories
  90. art
  91. the letter W
  92. every now and again a good cry makes me happy
  93. traveling
  94. vegetables
  95. cheese
  96. spooky things
  97. rocks and minerals
  98. hilarious stand up
  99. talk radio
  100. feeling content – for no reason, just because

Thanks for reading!




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