On the Incomparable Joys of Lunchtime Reading

I have a confession to make…one of my favorite things about my job right now is my hour long lunchtime.

Here’s why:

It’s not that I hate my job or need a break that desperately, I actually really like what I do. But lunchtime gives me a special space all to myself to do whatever I want (and maybe eat a sandwich in there somewhere too).

During lunchtime, when the weather is clear, the sun is out or at least the rain is in, I like to read – outside. I splurge daily on an overpriced cup of warm caffeine and bunk down with my current read (today was Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water). This little pocket of my day leaves me feeling revived and refreshed. Getting back to a daily reading regiment, even if its only a few pages per day during this little window I’ve got, just warms my heart. I feel healthier when I am reading.

Is there anything that energizes you during your day? Anything that makes you feel happier or calmer?

Hope you enjoyed today’s little bookish tidbit. I will leave you with a quote from my currently reading:

“You know what it felt like having a beautiful gay man stop loving me?

Like being dead.”

-Lidia Yuknavitch The Chronology of Water




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