Striving for Health-fullness (and what that means)

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.

– Henry Miller


Lately, I’ve been mindful of the choices I’ve made over the past few years. In preparing to make a major move to my own place, and in the process of starting and settling into a new job, I’ve begun sifting through the things that make my life, my life and I’ve taken some time to reflect and unload. Cleaning out rooms, saying goodbye to things that no longer mean much to me, and letting bygones be bygones has really helped me move into this next step with a clear head and an open heart. I’ve been thinking a lot about physical and mental health lately as well. I know I’ve posted a bit about wellness and steps I take to be more positive, start out the day right (and so on). But I want to take a minute to write a bit about why healthy-ness is about a fullness of living and attention to the way we live and not just a fad diet. Health is about what we allow into our bodies and inside our brains and how we process those things. I like the word healthful as opposed to healthy or diet or any of those other words that have become synonymous with well. Healthful  reminds me that taking care of your body DOES NOT mean skipping lunch to lose that bloaty tummy, it is instead about filling our minds, hearts, and bodies with positive words, energies, and delicious foods. Filling our time with pleasurable activity and inspiring people and taking ourselves to inspiring places.

As I embark on my new journey – new place, new job, new habits, new me…I am trying to travel more, write more, reflect more, and spend more time focusing on what fills me with joy and putting neatly away those things that hurt me (negative people, unhealthy foods, circuitous thought) without allowing them to create anger or anxiety. I am seeking to eat well (eating only when hungry, eating more fruits and veggies and enjoying the flavors of these foods). I am seeking to take more thinking walks again – now that I get to say so long to my commute. I am searching for exercises that are fulfilling and fun (not a chore). I am working to read regularly again and to write regularly – to store up words and thoughts that encourage and recall them for myself.

This is certainly more of a personal to do list than a real blog post, but I wanted to share it in a sense to keep myself accountable and because I’ve really started thinking differently about wellness in the past few weeks – I’ve been thinking more about the fullness of it.  I used to think about losing and trying to stop eating and engaging in certain negative habits and practices. Instead I am starting to approach wellness as a way of filling life with habits, activities, and people that build me up, activities that are fun and exciting. But filling isn’t just filling to fill – fullness and richness are words that describe (for me) quality time spent, not quantity – filling is not a contest to see how much one can fit in ones life, it’s about abundance of spirit. Long story short, I’ve come to the conclusion that wellness does not have to be a trend, or a challenge, instead it’s an opportunity to love yourself more fully – AND its a journey!

Just my two cents. What’s going on in your life?




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