Monday Sharing: Readings in Comedy, or Things I Find Funny

In today’s edition of Monday sharing, I wanted to go for funny. A little kick in the pants on Monday morning never hurt anyone, and neither did a big ol’ belly laugh. Admittedly these are not all super hilarious readings, some of just associated with comedians, i.e. share #1, but still, good reads, some humor — I hope you’ll all enjoy!

Happy Monday!

  1. Aziz Ansari’s “Everything you Thought you Knew About L-O-V-E is Wrong” – This piece for Time (and I believe a snippet of the forthcoming Modern Romance) is not necessarily SUPER funny, but it’s from a comedian and it’s super interesting.
  2. This comic: 
  3. This story from Hellogiggles about a dumb person who called the cops on his cat. Reallly? 
  4. A lil’ “The Onion” Humor
  5. This crazy awesome super-cut of Uptown Funk

Hope you aren’t suffering from a case of the Mondays too hard!




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