Sunday Style Crush: Miroslava Duma

A petite fashion consultant with her eyes on the prize – this is my kind of girl. Miroslava Duma is a young woman from Russia who is taking Pinterest and the world by storm. I am obsessed with her versatile, sassy, street style, and excited to share some of my favorite looks.

Look #1: What she does in this first look is lovely to me and a fashion move I tend to aspire to. I love the pairing of a structured and carefully tailored menswear type outfit with whimsical hair. Killin’ it, Mira.

Look #2: I love this look for it’s vintage flair and polish. The dress has a beautiful cut and pattern, doesn’t overwhelm her, and she gives it a quirky twist with the chunky shoes.

Look #3: Below Mira looks like a modern day woodland nymph – in the best way possible. This dress fits her proportions well to flatter her body. The tossled hair and bright lip give it intention and elevate it from a fun costum-ey look to a couture statement.

Look #4: The look below is fun, practical, and like many of her other looks gives us a bit of a vintage vibe. She turns that vintage feel into a sexy feel with the pointy boots. All in all, I am totally feeling this look.

Look #5: I love how funky and bo-ho this outfit is without feeling messy or giving off any “I am trying really hard to be a hippie” vibes. Mira manages to look poised as always, but also reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s in this fringed and colorful get-up.

Look #6: I love this final look. It is certainly a look I’d like to wear to work. I like how the metallic belt makes it feel classes and high fashion, while the pattern and shape of the blouse is playful. The pants allow for the nostalgic flair and the deep blue color is to die for.

I love that Mira is bold and eclectic with her style. She plays around, takes risks, but is also able to pull off clean and professional ensembles as well. I am nearly always a fan of her hairstyle, her luscious lip, and as always, I love petite style queens – short girls have to stick together.

Check out her new website here.

Check out this brief profile from The Coveteur.

W Mag was ahead of the curve when they caught up with this lovely lady in 2012!




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