Summer Favorites & Summer Dreams

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer. 

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


Today I am here to share some summer favorites & dreams as it is already starting to feel like summer. The gist of this post is to throw out some favorite styles, favorite books, and favorite pastimes of summer and then take a little time to share some of the things I am dreaming of for this summer (especially since summer is starting to seep into my clothes, house, and heart … you can smell the honeysuckles everywhere you turn).


+ Summer is for SUCCULENTS

I am super excited to play with plants this summer. I love succulents for summer, but I am still in love with all my other plants too – I have a young bonsai, an orchid, and a little mini succulent garden. I am hoping to add to this collection during the season of warmth & sun.

+ Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

For whatever reason, Where the Wild Things Are is a summer read for me, I love re-reading this book during the summer months. Something about the dense forests, crazy beasts, and childhood nostalgia keeps me excited about the summer season, even when the humidity ruins my hair and causes all my plants to wilt.

+ Grape Fruit Crushes

Grape Fruit Crushes are my favorite summer cocktail. Check out this great recipe for a summer spritzer to cool you down and pump you up here!

+ Rompers!

Rompers make me happy! They are the perfect play outfit and they flatter my petit figure almost every time. I have had my eye on this romper for quite some time and am really loving what H&M has done with this romper by incorporating my other favorite thing, safari print.

+ Going barefoot 

This one is pretty self explanatory. Though I typically wear shoes when doing anything for a prolonged period of time, I do love slipping on a t-shirt and shorts to run down to the mailbox, or playing in a friends back yard, eating a bright red popsicle, and throwing my shoes, along with my caution, to the wind.

+ Waking up early 

In the winter, there isn’t as much to wake up early for. But in the summer, waking up early to take a little walk outside or just sip my coffee in the warmth of the morning sun is immensely satisfying and one of the best ways I can imagine to start each day. I also like to pair my coffee sipping with some novel reading and in the summer, there seems to be a little more time for that. 


+ Birkenstocks & other more comfortable footwear

Oh how I love summer shoes! On my to-buy list are a really solid pair of Birkenstocks (my very first pair!!!!), some jelly sandals – preferably these little babies from mod cloth, and maybe a new pair of closed toe type flat shoes for walking. + My very own KITTY!

So a little pipe dream of mine is to adopt a kitty sometime between now and September — assuming all my other plans come true (more permanent job and apartment).

+ The new Jurassic Park movie

Who isn’t excited for Chris Pratt in Jurassic Park? I am beyond excited for this summer flick which will be released on June 12. Watch the Jurassic World preview below to be entranced with Collin Trevorrow’s vision of the dinosaur theme park and the consequences of this classic entertainment dream.

+ This swoon-worthy maxi dress

I actually ordered it already and it’s on its way, but I am a little bit impatient. It’s super dooper cute though, certainly worth the wait.

+ Healthier living

This summer is for establishing healthier habits. Including trying out some more power smoothie recipes (like this one) and finding more exercises (besides walking and running) that are fun for me. That’s the important thing about living healthy and being mindful of making healthier choices: you can’t treat these choices and changes like punishments for not being your healthiest. Instead, it’s important to make changes that are delicious and exciting and also healthy. By choosing foods and exercise that you feel enthusiastic about eating and doing, you can keep healthy choices from being chores. Instead, yummy smoothie recipes and fun exercise classes make healthy living a part of life to look forward to!

+ Getting settled

Finally, the big one! I am hunting for a more permanent job and apartment. This past year has been a transition year for me, and I am really ready to settle into a new space, place, and work routine (hopefully with my own pet…ahem…cat). What are your summer favorites & summer dreams? X, E


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