Style Crush Sunday: Winona Ryder

Here are some reasons why Winona Ryder was the queen of the 80’s and 90’s film scene and also a style/aesthetic icon (way before that little shoplifting incident, let’s pretend that didn’t happen). This includes my favorite Winona films as evidence. Go rent them now (remember when Blockbuster was a thing…? or maybe you don’t).

She dated Johnny Depp. Wino Forever.

05-johnny-depp-winona-ryder-nineties-mdn1       winona and johnny

She rocked the I don’t give a f*** hair.

winona Also, some early menswear for women. winona menswear She can be soft and delicate and feminine…  winona-ryder-49


…Or totally andro edgy  how does every hair cut look banging on her?



Finally, those dark lips, eyes, and locks baby winona

Some Filmography Highlights

1. Little Women (1994)


Little-Women-1994-little-women-4024763-1024-576 Little Women 1994 (7)

2. Dracula (1992)Bram-Stoker’s-Dracula 3. Mermaids (1990)


4. Heathers (1989) – “Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Teresa? ”  (this is a quote from the movie, are ya hooked?)

winonaheathers skirt Heathers 01










5. Reality Bites (1994) – so many great style moments and grungy, cliché quotes for the angsty teen or young 20 something!


6. Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice-Lydia-thumbbeetlejuice 1

Bonus: Read this great piece about being a Winona in a world made for Gwyneth’s.


Hope you enjoyed this new feature! X, E

*p.s. due to some technical difficulty this post was taken down temporarily.


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