I put a pause on posting for the week partially because life ebbs and flows, but also because I’ve been taking stock of the blog and thinking of some new ways to liven it up while also creating consistency. I am thinking of starting some new features.


My blog is very personal and although it seems a little miscellaneous, it covers a lot of topics that are simply important to me. That’s the overarching theme. I am super honest in this space but I strive to also provide well articulated points whether they address a topic as serious and important as feminism or as silly, and fun as a listicle of favorite things.

This month — January/February (since Jan is almost over! *gasp*), I plan to introduce those features I mentioned to give more consistency. Since my blog is such a personal space, part of me is eager to brainstorm out these features right here on the blog, so there we go. My ideas include:

  • Style Crush Saturday/Sunday
  • Currently Reading/Recently Read
  • Monday Sharing (which is kind of already a part of the blog)
  • Monthly Arts & Culture Review – this will be coverage of an event, exhibit, painting, film, anything. It will challenge me to engage in these sorts of activities regularly and will give readers a piece of art or music or an exhibit to check out. These might happen more than monthly… the goal is just to do it at least once a month.

Feel free to share feed back. Are any of these particularly interesting to you as readers?

Hope your weekend finds you thriving. housekeeping 3




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