Social Media Detox: A Problem, A Ponderance, and A Goal

As the season of giving lingers, and as the darkness of winter descends upon me, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been spending my from tumblr

I work, and at work I compile data, advise people, perform administrative tasks of all sorts, and I sit at a desk, stare at a computer, and move between my work and checking Facebook, twitter, and my email. Sometimes I online shop. Then when I complete my work day, I take a slow walk to my apartment, sometimes stop for wine or to meet a friend for Happy Hour, but most days I am dying to just relax, alone in my apartment. Some days I nap, and dispense my body and mind from the chaos of the day. Other days, I say I am going to read or make food or run errands, and instead, I at least stay awake, but then I fall into some SVU tv trap and again move between checking Facebook and watching whatever Netflix feature I’ve chosen. I am pretty unsatisfied with these days and as I’ve said before,  I am missing school more than anticipated. So, I think it’s time to make some meaning out of this transitional period rather than allowing myself to wallow in the weirdness of it.

My first step toward making meaning is eliminating Facebook. I think a theme in the above recap is the fact that I spend a lot of time on social media thinking about what other people are doing differently than me (and sometimes thinking they are doing it better). It’s also a lot of time spent clicking around, reading articles created simply for the purpose of collecting clicks and likes. Most of these articles are ones I disagree with (and on top of that are poorly written) and I waste even more time reacting to them in anger and disgust. I’ve found the same thing occurring with political posts, and the 50 comments following them.


There’s definitely a lot of good that comes out of social media and it’s gotten a lot of young people to pay attention to some very important social justice issues occurring right now, but for me it has produced a lot of negative energy and been an unproductive distraction. Obviously, I am still participating in some social media outlets but for the above for these reasons, it’s time to detox, at least from Facebook.

My goal is to stay off of Facebook for all of January and maybe take at least a 3 month detox, that is, if I don’t just make this permanent.

So far, I rarely miss it. I really just miss pictures of my godson but I can get those without going on Facebook!

What are you doing to be healthier in mind or body this year? Are there any meaningless distractions you’ve found are keeping you from the important stuff lately?




One comment on “Social Media Detox: A Problem, A Ponderance, and A Goal

  1. I am trying to do a social media detox as well. I waste way too much time switching between instagram and twitter and facebook. That time could be used in some productive ways. I think it’s so necessary to have a check on it.


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