Artsy Fartsy: Aesthetics for 2015


To kick off the new year, I want to share some ART! Here are some artists I am interested in following this year. These artists are ones I’ve found on tumblr, other parts of the  internet, and some are even older artists that I’ve either always loved and am coming back to, or have recently discovered. Check them out. I hope art will inspire you and yours all year round. I’ve linked their artists pages and provided an example of each style.

paints and brushes

1. Alyssa Monks (especially her work in 2010).

a powerful quoted from her website: “My intent is to transcend both my subject and the paint itself. I aim to discover something that resonates as deeply as my often-vulnerable inner experience. Transferring an expression of this human experience to someone who will really open and relate to it creates human connection. I urge people to see the work in person, if possible. Paintings are objects you need to be in the same room with to feel the intimacy of their surface. I like mine to be as intimate as possible, using the painted surface like a fossil, recording every gesture and decision.”

Her work is primarily done with oils.


2. Kyle Thompson (photography)

kyle thompson

3. Art Nouveau – Alphonse Mucha in particular.

jobGismonda Show Flyer, 1905

4. Cinzia Zenocchini (Water color)

I actually found Cinzia on etsy and I ordered prints as a present to a friend, the prints are phenomenal and I am definitely going to keep my eye on this artist!


5. Sarah Illenberger (mixed media)

Flower Work (2014) – Part of the Plant Journal

flower work

6. Odilon Redon (an old favorite)

ophelia by odilon 

That’s just my little tidbit for today! Hope your new year is off to a lovely start.




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