October the 7th: Death of a Baltimore Treasure

Happy Autumn to all!

I’ve been a little under the weather the last week or so and also working extra shifts, but I do have a couple longer pieces in the making. Look forward to those! 234-the-raven-corvus-corax-q75-445x500

For now, I have another awesome link to share with you from Smithsonian. This lovely little article hypothesizes the possible causes of Edgar Allen Poe’s death, which is quite timely because today is his death day.

Rest in Peace Poe the Poet and to all of my readers— enjoy this delicious, malicious literary tid bit of the day.



In other spooky news, American Horror Story Freakshow premiers tomorrow night on FX at 10 PM. Be there or Be Square. To promote the show, Ryan Murphy has put together interviews with the cast, many of whom are individuals with disabilities, individuals once considered “freaks.” The interviews with the cast are super touching and make me feel very hopeful for the way this season will approach and tackle important social issues surrounding physical oddity and otherness. Watch the behind the scenes video to get pumped!

ustv-american-horror-story-freak-show-episode-2-4Here are a few more interviews for your viewing pleasure:

Erika Ervin, aka “Amazon Eve”

Mat Fraser, aka “Paul the Illustrated Seal”





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