Stories Make Us More Alive….

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.”

– Madeline L’Engle

When I don’t have a chance to read or write I sometimes start to feel lost. Other times I don’t feel the craving to read and write, and those times I feel like something is just plain wrong with me. I think that Madeline L’Engle’s quote captures it accurately. When I slack off on reading I feel less human, and less courageous. I also feel guilty, like I am neglecting old friends or something. And maybe you do too.

Here are a few ways I am trying to re-integrate reading into my life this week:

1. Keep my book in my purse or bag. I am hoping that bringing a book with me everywhere will make me more likely to take advantage of idle moments to read.

2. Blog about it! What better motivation to finish a book, than to plan to write about it?

books pic

3. Set some goals. If I have a page goal for each day I might be more likely to at least pick up the book and try  to complete that goal.

4. Start with a smaller book or some short stories, poems, essays. Sometimes finishing something…. ANYTHING can help encourage me to keep finishing pieces of literature, once I re-catch the word worm I often have to keep going.

5. Pair up. I am currently reading Gone Girl with a  few friends (my mom and my roommate). If we are all reading and talking about it together, or planning to watch the movie adaptation together at the end, I am hoping I might be more inclined to stay accountable and finish in time for the movie premiere (and maybe review the adaptation too!).tumblr_nck7cqsMkT1qixa76o1_500

Those are just a few! Happy reading to all of you. Maybe these little personal goals of mine will help you this week.




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