Go-to Movies for the Weekend


I like movies. And I LOVE re-watching movies. Some movies may not be the most profound or the most high brow, but they are easy to watch over and over and over. Today, I’ve compiled a list of my own go-to re-watch movies, movies that never seem to get old and are easy to watch while engaging in other activities (like knitting, updating my linked in, writing a quick blog post). My top 5 go-to movies are as follows:

5. 27 Dresses (2008) starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden: this one is just light, fluffy, colorful, and fun. I love James Marsden so seeing his adorable face on the screen makes it pretty easy to watch and somehow it just doesn’t get boring that Katherine Heigl’s character is always a bridesmaid and never a bride until, SURPRISE, the end of the movie.

realitybites4. Reality Bites (1994) starring Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke: This movie is so cliché, so overdone, so 90’s grunge, but it’s also perfection (at least for me). I watch it and cry, laugh, smile, sometimes even yawn and I swear, it gets better and better with every watch. Basically it features a group of best friends from college who all move in together after they graduate. It’s got love, it’s got the post grad struggles for a job, it’s got frustration, friendship, and captures what it’s like to feel like you could fall apart at any given time nearly everyday of your life. Somehow I enjoy subjecting myself to this rollercoaster of a movie on a regular basis.

3. St. Elmo’s Fire (1985) includes an ensemble cast of all your favorite 80’s film stars: Another post-grad movie, it shows how each member of the group adjusts to adult life. They each fit different stereotypes, each get different types of jobs upon graduation too. This film is another rollercoaster watch but the characters are so loveable and their relationships to each other become so complex and it’s just a fun, emotional web to get sucked into. Highly recommend. st elmos fire-jpg

2. Jaws (1975) the cast isn’t so important, it’s really just that huge fish we love: Here’s my wild card. I guess this choice doesn’t look much like the others. I think we all know what Jaws is about. Jaws is obviously a very important film and I am almost always in the mood to watch it. Jaws appeals to me nearly everyday of the week and that is why it made my re-watch list. It is also so familiar and a film I grew up with and for that reason it is oddly comforting.

1. The Sex and the City Movie (the first one, NEVER the second) (2008) stars the perfect foursome we all know and love: This movie is so easy for me to re-watch because of the clothes, the wisdom, and its characters. I love Miranda, Charlotte, Sam, and Carrie and their stories are as familiar as a best gal pal. There’s upbeat music, delicious drama, and who doesn’t love movies about friends helping each other through the ups and downs?


I have many more go-to classics I could list, but I chose these movies for two major reasons: they each carry some sort of personal nostalgia for me and they also represent several genres, and time periods.

Do you have any go-to re-watch movies you like to play when you can’t decide what else to watch?




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