“Write it, Shoot it, Publish it, Crochet it, Sauté it, WHATEVER. Make.” – Joss Whedon

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. But since I am just getting started blogging, I wanted to get a post out there about why I am blogging. Sure my intro page gives a little background, but it only goes so far. I also wanted to include a little more about my background since many readers might want to know more about my life and my credibility as a writer.

writing and reading

 So why am I trying out blogging?

 I am blogging to continue writing and to try new writing. I am attempting to be brave and put my writing out to a new audience and to take it more seriously. In the past, I’ve written for class, and more privately for myself and when I was much younger I wrote stories and poems for myself (before I started judging my own work so harshly). I am hoping a blog will hold me accountable and keep me producing work, even if it’s a quick blurb about the current book I am reading or about the latest episode of American Horror story— I want to keep writing and writing a variety of articles, maybe stories (but probably not), and hopefully some poems. If you are curious about topics my blog will cover I would probably say movies, books, television, and fashion, because these are my passions. Many of these topics will become mingled in my writing because there’s so much crossover between them.  I might also write some (as I have already) about this first year out of college and the challenges and rewards it brings.

So who exactly am I?

 Well, if you looked at my about me, you know I am a female who studied literature in her undergraduate years and now holds a bachelors and a university job. What you may not know about me through my about me page is that I live in stories and I live in color and I want this blog to reflect my nerdy, critical, analytical, whimsical, and quirky sensibilities.

I am a young 20 something on the verge of a new career and a new step in my life. During this year, I intend to investigate graduate school options, potential career paths, and my own self through writing, style, and all the new experiences that come with officially being an adult.

And to end, I want to share another little poem:


Green Buddhas

On the fruit stand.

We eat the smile

And spit out the teeth.

-Charles Simic

watermelon and people

My ultimate goal with this blog is to follow Joss Whedon’s solid advice — “…WHATEVER. Make.”




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