Freakshow Fantasies

Freak Show Fantasies


That title sounds a little dirty in retrospect…

So to change the pace/tone of my blog so far, I want to share one of my passions: American Horror Story

It’s both a TV show and a Horror Story all rolled into one and you can never get bored because every new season brings BRAND NEW settings, characters, and a whole new story. Mind blown, right?

I hope they reference Tod Brownings "Freaks" this season.
I hope they reference Tod Brownings “Freaks” this season.

So this new season looks as though it will be filled with frights and I am loving the dramatic new carni theme.

I have created a nice top seven list to help you understand my love of this show and my fascination with Murphy and Falchuk (their brains  are more than a little fucked up and I couldn’t love them for it any more than I already do) and hopefully get you jazzed for the new season too.

So without further ado these are the ….

TOP SEVEN REASONS I AM EXCITED FOR AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW [do the CAPS help you comprehend how excited I am?!?]:

7. Evan Peters – I cannot write this post without including this beautiful young man. The recently released full trailer revealed that he will be having a sexy, short haired, clean-cut look this season and will be potentially starring in a rather sexual bit of story line (based on that little sneak peak in “voyeur” at least….fingers crossed).

6. Nostalgia/The Nostalgia of this setting – Carnivals hold a special place in my heart. I think that the bright colors of the carnival theme could be rather nostalgic. I think that this season could be the scariest (as they are saying, and when I say they I mean Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk) because it takes place in a carnival. Carnivals are places which are important to childhood (or at least that I associate with childhood). The sweetness of cotton candy and the salt of stale popcorn sour in the grimy back corners of the carnival. Carnivals are like incredibly disgusting odors masked by sticky saccharine scents and lurid hues. If this season presents the carnival as the dark, twisted, and hypocritical place I take it to be, filled with damning and dirty secrets (how juicy), I think it could blow us right out of the stands.

So knock on wood the circus will be slimy and the big top will blanket the most terrible mistakes.

5. Costumes and Freaks – This season is going to be weird to view and I like it. I think during this season we will obviously witness some physical oddities among the troupe. Visually it has the potential to be a bit of a mind fuck and if you’ve ever heard of Ripley’s Believe It or Not you know that it’s hard to look away from such sights.

4. Sarah Paulson –  ok. Sarah Paulson is just a doll. She is beautiful, she is talented, and this season we get two of her… or at least her head twice on one body.

3. Michael Chiklis – I love that AHS is bringing Michael Chiklis into the cast. I loved him in Fantastic Four (I know it isn’t cinematic genius or anything). I find him to be very loveable so I hope that he does not end up being an evil villain.

They are friends in real life (:

2. Clowns – Contrary to what I’ve read critics write, I am excited for the clowns. This might be personal bias… no IT IS personal bias (but I think it’s one a lot of people might share with me). Clowns freak me out. BIG TIME. And the idea of having clowns on TV harkens back to Stephen King’s “It” and I think I am going to read “It” while the season is running. I think the show, the movie “It,” and the book will help me live it up this October (in my own sad way).

To reiterate: clowns are both terrifying and fascinating to me, and here is why: there are two schools of clowns. Some serve as perverts, they hide behind the costumes to peak at young children and/or to lure those children into the show (perv school). But I think there’s also another type: tormented souls (i.e. the tormented soul school).

One book I read a while ago, “Nocturnes” by John Connelly, contained a story that recounted the plight of a boy who was taken in by a pack of evil clowns and was forced into clowning, in this story I felt for the clown child and again, was very fascinated by the life he was forced to live. I think these brands of clown back stories (at least as I see them) could play a role in Freak Show (just maybe) (and yes, I do know how silly this story and the clowns schools sound but the story was actually really cool).

[Side note:  this short story collection is a huge favorite of mine and can be found with a purple cover in a bookstore near you, I am jumping the gun and will probably post more for Halloween, but this is a great book for fall.]

Click image for more

1. I am really ready for the series to recover from Coven. Coven left me feeling scattered and a little confused about what I was supposed to make of it. It wasn’t the narrative magic I was looking for. I thought the season had all the potential in the world but the final product had a very surface level plot, an excess of characters, and very few real resolutions. It felt like a series of opened cans of worms that never amounted to anything lasting (I know it’s just a TV show but) I think that the racial overtones could have made a solid statement about the way we should handle race in society and I did not feel that it did, nor did it really reach its full potential.

It was all over the place and I think it used cheap gimmicks (like the gory melon baller episode—although I did love this and the mini-zombie apocalypse) to keep our disgusting selves coming back for more (TV knows we are gluttons for blood) but these little terror fests did not add up to a smart, provocative scary story. And it really sucks because witches are SUPER cool and Stevie Nicks is the very best witch. So in conclusion, we can do better. I am trusting the shows creators to make narrative genius this year and I already KNOW that the actors’ and actresses’ performances will stun us all silent.

We can do better!
We can do better!

So there it is… a long winded list of reasons why I CAN’T WAIT for October (but isn’t that always the case?) and this silly little piece of TV candy.

I am ready for a spine tingling story this season that takes us under the big top and behind the curtains, are you?




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